How can I learn about more AWS topics using Qwiklabs?

3D Diagrams of AWS Stacks

How can I draw neat 3D diagrams of AWS stacks?

Predictive Auto Scaling

Is it possible to use machine learning to do intelligent predictive auto scaling?

Auto Scaling Containers

How can I auto scale containers on ECS?

Containers on Spot Instances

How can I run ECS containers on spot instances?

WorkSpaces and VPC

Can I spin up WorkSpaces in my pre-existing VPCs?

AD Connectors

How can I set up AD connectors on AWS?

EMR Sizing

How can I size my EMR cluster based on my data?

Parallel EMR Steps

How can I run EMR Steps in parallel?

Data Pipeline and Existing EMR

How can I use an existing EMR cluster with Data Pipelines?

Spark and YARN

How can I optimize Spark on YARN?

Redshift and DynamoDB

How can I parse JSON when I upload data into Redshift?

SSH Timeout

How can I prevent my SSH connection to EC2 from timing out?

  • To prevent SSH from terminating after 60 seconds put this line in ~/.ssh/config

      ServerAliveInterval 50

Viewing EC2 Instance Logs

How can I see EC2 instance syslogs in CloudWatch?

DynamoDB Encryption

Can you encrypt data in DynamoDB?

S3 Key Salting

Why doesn’t S3 automatically salt the key names with hash prefixes instead of making customers do this?

  • The keys are stored in contiguous partitions based on lexicographic order
  • Lexicographic order allows S3 to easily return all the files inside a folder (everything with the same prefix).

Billing and Cost Management

How can I find out my billing reports?

  • Trusted Advisor
    • Click on Services → Trusted Advisor
    • This will show you if you have any idle EC2 instances or RDS instances
    • It runs across all regions
  • Billing & Cost Management
    • Click on: Your user name (top right corner) → Billing & Cost Management
    • Or go directly to: https://console.aws.amazon.com/billing/home#/
    • This will show you your current bill and projected bill for next month
    • You can enable more detailed billing by storing data into S3

Lambda Hello World

How can I write a simple hello world function using Lambda that is accessible from the web?

  • Configure IAM permissions
  • Use the code below for the function
  • Configure API gateway to point to the function
def lambda_handler(event, context):
    print "Hello world from lambda"
    return {
        'statusCode' : 200,
        'headers' : { 
          'x-custom-header' : 'my custom header value' 
        'body' : 'Hello, world!'

Minecraft on AWS

How can I set up Minecraft on AWS quickly using a CloudFormation template?

Networking Internals

How do the internals of AWS networking work?

Referencing Security Groups Across VPCs

Can I use security groups across peered VPCs to allow groups of instances from one VPC to access particular ports in another VPC?

Public IPs and ifconfig

Why does ifconfig -a not show the public IP address of an EC2 instance and only the private IP address?

Security Groups and VPCs

Can a security group span multiple VPCs?

  • Security groups belong to a VPC so they cannot span multiple VPCs

Static Private IPs

How can I make sure that my EC2 instance maintains the same private IP address even if it crashes?

  • Enable auto-recovery on your EC2 instance
  • If the instance terminates this restart it with the same IP addresses, same instance ID, and the same metadata

Route 53 and DNSSEC

Does Route 53 support DNSSEC?

VMware Templates and AMIs

Can I convert a VMware template into an AMI?

Restricting EC2 Permissions by VPC

Is it possible to use IAM permissions to allow users to spin up EC2 instances inside a Dev VPC while preventing them from spinning up EC2 instances inside the Prod VPC?


What RDS databases can I use if I want to be HIPAA compliant and have a Business Associate Agreement with Amazon?